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Building Regulations

Most of our staircases can be made to meet UK regulations. There are some exceptions and we recomend that you always contact you building control office for permision before changing or adding any staircase. Building regulations are the responsibility of the home owner, we can offer advice on meeting regulations, however you must check with you local building control officer to ensure compliancy. As a general rule if you are accessing a living area, such as a single room loft conversion, then a 1.6m diameter spiral, one of our open modular stairs or a space saver all with upright spindles and riser bars will normally be fine. For a main flight of stairs usually the Maxi 94 or Stilo 83 will be suitable, again with the addition of riserbars. Models with cable systems do not meet UK building regulations for domestic use. Please check before purchase if you are unsure.

Further information:
For further information on the building regualtions please view www.planningportal.gov.uk