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Kya Space Saver Staircase by Arke

The Kya Space Saver by Arke

The Kya Space Saver by Arke

KYA is the staircase designed for the smallest spaces. It is created with varnished steel supports in black (RAL 9017), white (RAL 9010) or grey (RAL 9006), with black finishes for the black staircase and grey finishes for the grey or white staircases.

Characterized by light (natural) or dark tinted solid beech treads, which are carefully shaped and staggered, this staircase allows the maximum accessibility with the minimum use of space.

The railing is composed of varnished steel balusters and stainless steel cables running parallel to the handrail.
The wood-effect handrail is in PVC with an aluminum core and is available in light or dark versions, to match the shade of the treads.

KYA has an adjustable height between 228 and 282 cm.
By purchasing certain supplementary items, the staircase height can reach 329 cm.

Price: 879.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Add Riser Bars
  • Natural Beech   
  • Dark Chesnut Dye   
  • Black   
  • Grey/Silver   
  • White   

Colour choices

Extra Treads

Extra Treads

If the height is more than 282 cm, you will have to add one or more extra rise kit. This kit is composed by a structure made of a tread and an external railing.
In order to get lower heights you may assembly an inferior number of treads.

Price: 77.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Balustrade Kit

Balustrade Kit

This is a modular unit of 120 cm. Composed of spindles, cables, handrail and fixings, it allows you to protect the opening of the upper floor. The balustrade kit can also assume the circular form.

Supplied in 1.2m sections and coloured to match your staircase.

Price: 198.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

1. Supplementary balustrade in 120 cm modules
2. Supplementary handrail in 120 cm modules
3. 11-meter, stainless steel supplementary cable
4. Supplementary rise
5. The supplementary railing, composed of 6 balusters and steel cable