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Staircase Catalogue
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Mobirolo Redline Collection Stairs

Red Line Colour Choices
Designing in Colours
Modern architecture has found colour is a precious resource to change the concept of space: increasingly, structures and furnishings are designed for the effect their colours will produce in different lights, the interior décor and people’s moods.
This is why Mobirolo couldn’t just use red in its Redline range: every model of this collection is also available in other special shades, so as to fulfill any expression of creativity and design.
Decorating in Red
What makes a book or someone extraordinary is the same distinctive feature that also marks such a special item as a staircase: character. The RedLine range of stairs combine a powerful aesthetic appeal with top-of-the-range performance. Exclusive stairs that set off the most unique interiors, skilfully combining function with elegance, comfort with prestige, dynamism with superlative performance. Attention to detail and high-tech manufacturing processes have always been Mobirolo’s key features, which in the RedLine range match such noble
and discernible materials as timber, aluminium and chrome-plated steel. To deliver RedLine’s
superior performance, the foundation of Mobirolo’s experience has progressed further still, towards greater innovation and creativity, to such an extent that simple structures to be climbed have been transformed into beautiful, functional designs which complement any setting. And now that emotion is the fourth dimension of design, Mobirolo is only too
glad to present RedLine, the stairs that trailblaze colour, and above all red, as one of the cornerstones of today’s interior design.