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Staircase Catalogue
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Reflex Modular Staircase

The Reflex is available with either Ash or Beech treads and handrails. The spindles and balustrades are made from stainless steel.

REFLEX LUX consists of a handrail hewn from solid wood, firmly supported by balusters with a circular cross-section of diameter 27 mm, made from stainless steel with a polished finish.
The balusters are connected by seven stainless-steel bars running lengthwise.
The LUX railing can be used on all staircases in the Reflex Collection.
Flight staircases and spiral staircases with a square layout close to walls can alternatively use a handrail fixed to the wall.
The staircase is distinguished by steel supports and transparent polycarbonate spacers to permit height adjustment.
The steps can be made of natural solid beech or ash and have a thickness of 42 mm.